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PMP Limited - dLibrary rebuild on .NET platform

PMP Limited dLibrary Rebuild on .NET Platform


dLibrary is Australia's premier platform for capturing and publishing digital representations of food and beverage packaging, primarily for use by retail marketers in their advertising campaigns.


PMP Limited's dLibrary platform faced significant challenges. The original system had an outdated user interface that negatively impacted user experience. Onboarding new clients and uploading assets were cumbersome, requiring extensive manual intervention. Additionally, the platform was originally built on Java, making it outdated and unsupportable.

Proposed Solution:

To address these issues, PMP Limited engaged Covaler for a comprehensive solution:

- Complete .NET Rebuild: Covaler embarked on rebuilding dLibrary from the ground up using the .NET platform, offering a fresh start with modern technology.

- New User Interface: The project included the development of a new user interface to enhance the user experience.

Features Deployed:

Covaler introduced several critical features to revamp dLibrary:

- Automated Self-Service Client Onboarding: Simplifying and automating the onboarding process for new clients.

- XML and JSON Web Services: Supporting the exchange of data in popular formats, enabling seamless integration with external systems.

- Support for 3D Images and New File Formats: Modernizing the platform to accommodate evolving industry needs.

Deployment Turnaround:

Remarkably, the project was executed within a 6-month timeframe, demonstrating Covaler's efficiency and effectiveness. It was also completed under budget, showcasing their commitment to delivering value.

Success Factors:

The project's success hinged on various factors:

- Redesigned User Interface: A fresh and intuitive UI greatly improved the overall user experience, making navigation and asset management more efficient.

- Improved Search Capability: Enhanced search functionalities were introduced, enabling users to find assets across multiple libraries with ease.

- Compliance with Industry Metadata Requirements: Adhering to industry standards for metadata ensured data consistency and accuracy.

- Updated Industry Colour Profiles: Keeping up with industry colour standards was crucial for accurate packaging representation.

- Enhanced Web Services: Improved web services facilitated bulk deliveries to major retail clients, ensuring efficient data transfer.

- Support for Various Media Types: The platform's ability to handle 360-degree images, videos, and diverse media types allowed for richer and more engaging content.

- Mobile Application: A mobile app extended accessibility and flexibility for users on the go.

- Virtual Rendered Image Creation Service: This feature provided realistic and high-quality rendered images.

- Photographic Rendered Image Service: A service for creating high-resolution photographic images was introduced.

- 360-Degree 3D Spherical Imaging: Cutting-edge 360-degree, 3D imaging provided immersive visual experiences.

- Physical Packaging Mock-Ups: Concept and quality assurance were enhanced through physical packaging mock-ups.

- Bulk Image Conversion Service: Simplifying image conversions offered significant productivity gains.

- Rich XMP Metadata: Built-in image captions enriched asset information and usability.

In addition to these features, the ability to provide ongoing technical support to clients and a scalable platform adaptable to growth were key considerations. The self-service image onboarding feature also significantly improved productivity.

Key Quote:

Covaler delivered a new digital platform allowing dLibrary to serve up images and other media via API to big retail, to service all of their online and print advertising needs. Automation of content ingestion supported the needs of the content creators, and the transition across to the new platform, and the adoption and intuitiveness of the new UI was delivered seamlessly.

This case study underscores how Covaler's expertise and technological solutions reinvigorated PMP Limited's dLibrary. The project not only resolved pressing issues but also positioned the platform for future growth and adaptability, enabling PMP Limited to better serve its clients in the retail industry.