Systems that help you sleep at night.

Having built some of the worlds biggest data systems, we know how to build for your future.

Risk. Managed.

Our maintenance services make the most of trusted global cloud infrastructure like AWS Azure and Google Cloud to keep you ahead of modern threats to data security and compliance.

We’ll help you leverage the cloud to reduce compliance challenges, without creating an existential risk to your security framework.

Experts at leveraging newly available technologies to the highest international standards, we’ll focus on security, enabling you to get on with what you does best – delivering on the needs of your clients.

Our approach.

Everything we do at Covaler is about making sure your data is safe.

With multiple accreditations, our data systems comply with international law.

We work directly with global providers to ensure you’re getting the best price and only using the resources you need.

100% Secure
Cost Managed

We’ll help you stand on the shoulders of giants, and deploy and manage your data systems on the cloud.

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